Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today i manage to speak on a resolution proposed by YB Er Teck hwa (Member of Parliament of Bakri), his resolution was to propose to set-up a Royal Commission to investigate the recent deathly accidents that took away 20 lives.

Following are the points that i raised during my debate;

  • Started my speech with extending my sympathy to the families who lost their loved ones in that accident.
  • To overcome or reduce the number of accidents in this country it should be the responsibility of the government, its agencies as well as the people.
  • We have set of rules, speed limits and etc, but seems that no one uses them. We should impose high fines for those who break the rules. Despite knowing for a fact that one is not supposed to use hand phones while driving - they continue to do so.
  • The government and its agencies should increase the number of raod safety campaigns to all levels of the society.
  • The Department of Safety and Health (DOSH), Ministry of Transport should be more carefull in ensuring that the bus is in good condition.
  • The guard rail (that divides the road) quality needs to be upgraded, at the present we have 823 km of highway, the guard rail at present is at quality TL 2 and we should increase it to TL 3 and in the black spot area we should be upgraded to TL 5.
  • I ended my speech by thanking all my friends in the tweet and facebook for giving suggestions for my speech.

In conclusion i did not agree that we set-up a Royal Commission, instead the Minister of Transport should be transparent in ensuring that a complete report and all its agencies undertake their responsibilities well.

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