Friday, January 14, 2011


It has been some time I took a short trip journey using public transport. The last I took a bus trip, was probably to Singapore on work and that to was using the Express Liner.

I wanted to understand the problems faces by public transport users in my constituency, off course, the easiest way is just to speak to them, safe time. But, I would not be able to really understand and feel the real issues behind each and every journey they make.

Thus, today I woke, kept my car at home and asked a friend to send me to the Bus Stop, off course, he was shocked and wanted to send me to the office, but after explaining to him, he understood and send me where I wanted to go, and before taking the bus journey, stoped for breakfast in a restaurant near the Rawang Bus station.

YES, they have a new bus stop, which I saw as under-utilized, when I went there, I was told that to take the inter town bus, I need to go to the old bus stop ( So why build a new bus stop). As such if you take a bus from Kuala Lumpur and you Wang to go to Batang Kali, you need to stop in the new bus stop and walk to the old bus stop in Maxwell Street, that's not the right thing to do. LOGISTIC BETWEEN BUS STOP - FAIL

Once I reached the old bus stop, I was told that I need to wait for the next bus that would leave only at 10 a.m. One hour for a bus that does the inter-town routes is not practical at all. - TIMING OF THE BUS - FAIL

However, the good thing was, the bus took off punctually. PASS WITH DISTINCTION.

The ticket was RM 2 for the drive which is equally to about 1 litter of Petrol - So i guess it's value for the money for that journey. BUS FARE - VALUE FOR THE MONEY.

The bus condition was good although it was an old bus, but, the seats were okay, it was noisy and all. But, you can expect a luxury bus ride for RM2. CONDITION OF THE BUS - FAIR WITH PLENTY OF ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT.

The driver did very well, I must congratulate him for abiding the rules of the road - DRIVER's PERFOMANCE - VERY GOOD.

the safety inside the bus, not as good as what it should be. I did not see the first aid box. - SAFETY INSIDE THE BUS - FAIR (CAN BE I PROVED).

There were 12 passengers inside the bus and I'm glad the trip was a good one. I have realized that there are 1 or 2 issues that I can raise to the NKRA - Pemandu officers who would be meeting me soon to brief on the Transportation hub.

I will be making another bus trip soon and also would be using the train so that I can understand more issues and find ways to resolve them soon.

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Shopper's Solution said...

As a resident of Bukit Beruntung myself, I appreciate your effort on unravelling the issues of public transport, as you have done so on the route between Rawang-Batang Kali. I strongly believe, public transport issues should not be confined to urban areas such as KL and Penang, but also at other suburban areas like Rawang and Bukit Beruntung.

I dream of a day when I could click on the internet, check the schedule of bus from the nearest bus stop from my home at Jalan Anggerik, and can figure out the interconnection of buses, commuters for me to get to KLCC.

I dream of a day when after looking at the schedule, all the services are not delayed by more than 15 minutes, and can arrive safely at my destination with minimal effects from the rainy weather.

I wish these dreams, not only from mine, probably from many others, can be relayed by my MP, to the parliament.