Friday, April 29, 2011


Residents in Sungai Buaya would be happy that their long awaited PLUS Inter-change highway would become a reality soon. In other words, they will have a new North South Highway Exit in Sungai Buaya - which would exit from KM 463.

YAB Prime Minister of Malaysia on 23rd April 2010 informed to the residents that their wish of having an inter-change would be approved and keeping by his words, he has approved the project and soon residents not only in Bandar & Kampung Sungai Buaya would benefit from this highway, residents staying around i.e. Kampung Koskan, Bukit Teratai, Sungai Choh, Serendah and even Bukit Sentosa and Bukit Beruntong would be benefiting.

As a Member of Parliament I have also raised this issue in my speeches in the Parliament. The Barisan Nasional Government will not back out from its promises and have agreed to fulfill their promises to the people of Sungai Buaya.

Last night the residents received the confirmation and also information from the Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia, I am indeed pleased to share the following information with my readers;

1. The new PLUS Highway Exit would start at KM 436.
2. The land acquisition has been completed.
3. Compensation for the land acquisition has also been done.
4. A total of 82 acres of land has been acquired.
5. The 82 acres has been acquired at a cost of RM20Million.
6. The design of the bridge is in the final stages and right now they are looking at the safety features of the exit.
7. The tender for the project was closed on 19th April 2011.

The official date of the project commencement would be announced by YAB Prime Minister or YB Minister of Works.

I would like to thank Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia, PLUS Sdn. Bhd. Ministry of Works - YB Dato' Sri Shaziman and his team from the Ministry for assisting the Residents Association in realizing this special briefing session for the people of Sungai Buaya.

I would also like to Thank Y. Bhg. Dato' Ruslee the President of the Residents Assoction for organizing the briefing session.

And above all I would like to thank YAB Dato' Sri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak our beloved Prime Minister for approving this project and ensuring the dreams of all residents in that area becomes a reality.


bash said...

Please consider to improve the access to the main road as well. The new highway exit will certainly increase the traffic from Sg Buaya to the main road, which now has been readily congested. Unless better access to the main road is constructed, the exit will not benefit residents in Serendah, Sg Choh, Bkt Sentosa or Bkt Beruntung.

Anonymous said...

YB Kamala

Satu lagi janji BN akan tertunai. Kita janji dan kita kota bukan kita janji dan kita lupa seperti parti sebelah sana tu!

Yaziz Yunus