Sunday, July 15, 2012


My 100,000th visitors identity;

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — hardcore poverty
15 Jul 17:06:29

I am humbled by the 100,000 friends who have visited my Blog. A big THANK YOU to you !

We may differ in many matters close to us, but your patronage of my Blog is acknowledged and so too your support, encouragement and constructive feedback.

I have published all your feedbacks with an open mind, as I recognize the intelligence of my readers and their ability to analyze and make an informed decision. Unfortunately, I was unable to publish anything vulgar, as I have high respect for all my other sincere and honest readers. I encourage you to be downright sincere and honest, as I can only get better with the combined intelligence of all my dear readers.

Personally, I feel enriched with the thoughts you have shared with me and applaud you for it. Please continue to visit my blog and be rest assured that I value everything that is shared here.

Once again THANK YOU and may our combined wish for a peaceful and prosperous Malaysia become a reality.

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