Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I was able to ask the following question to the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia who is also the Education Minister;

I asked the Minister of Education to state whether the Ministry realizes that some schools in the country still lack proper infrastructure facility such as water and electricity supply, toilets and classrooms. The steps taken to tackle the issue;

I would provide a detailed answer from YAB Minister of Education tomorrow, in the meantime, let me share some pointers of the answers from YAB Minister of Education.

1. Under the 9th Malaysian Plan ablut 15,000 projects worth RM26.132 Billion was approved. As at September 2010 9,566 project was completed and 5,554 is in the process of completion. Projects which could not be completed by end of this year, would be done so under the 10th Malaysian Plan.

2. Out of the 55,000 school buildings which was audited throughout the country 3% of the building has got some serious building damages and 5% of the buildings has some electrical wiring problems and this would be ractified soon.

3. The Ministry would give importance to build class rooms more than building school halls.

4. RM1.874 Billion was spent on 641 schools in the rural area for electricity projects out of which 140 has been installed Solar Hybrid systems. RM197.7 Million was spent on 564 schools to provide them with clean water. The Ministry would continue to do so.

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