Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I thank all those who have given their views to me on this issue and trust that your intentions are for the betterment of the community and the continued unity of our nation.

I wish to put a closure to this issue based on the following actions taken ;

i. The school has agreed to take back the Interlok Malay literature book from the students.

ii. The concerned teacher has personally apologized to the students and their parents. 

iii. The district education department has agreed to transfer the teacher concerned as was requested by the parents of the students.

iv. The Headmaster has given his assurance that the students involved in this incident will not be reprimanded in any way due to this incident.

I am happy the aggrieved parties are satisfied with the actions taken to resolve this incident and I wish to thank them for their support and understanding extended to me and all parties involved in resolving this issue.

I will refrain from commenting on any further action(s) taken by any of the parties involved in this incident based on the laws of this country. I have full confidence in the laws of this country and strongly believe justice will prevail in all matters brought before it.


Maaran Matters said...

Hello Dumb YB,

Do we have to take your lousy words that the teacher apologised?

What not the teacher apologised publicly in media?
What about the principal?
Why no apologies?

Has the PIBG chairman resigned?
Did the police force diciplined him for misuse of power?

Dumb YB, you think you are smart for doing this on behalf on the hands you kissed?

MIC never change.

Murali Prasad said...

I guess I can take that as a reply to my question in FB:!/PKamalanathan/posts/10150115177333143. Thank you.

wilvinod said...

yes boss
don't pull a fast one
we are not dumbs
this is the standard replies of MIC nuts
tell me what is the action against that police officer.