Thursday, July 21, 2011


I have known YB Dr. Jayakumar MP for Sungai Siput for some time now and especially so since my time in Parliament.

He seems to be a soft spoken, cordial, humble and kind gentleman. Although we are on different sides of the political spectrum yet I have never found him to be antagonistic or unfriendly. He is always calm and composed and his speeches in parliament.

Hence I’m very shocked by his detainment under the EO for very severe and extremist charges.

If indeed Dr.Jayakumar is guilty of any charges then I would like to put to the police to charge him in an open court under specific charges so he and his comrades as well as the general Malaysian public will have purview to the reason of his detainment as opposed to them just being held without trial.

The police must have their reason for their actions, however an open trial and charging them in an open court will help make the current situation more transparent and minimize the impact the negative perception of unfair detainment and prosecution.

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